Divine Intervention? Hailstones Shaped Like Coronavirus Keep Residents of Mexican City Indoors

Images of hailstones shaped like coronavirus have been shared on the internet before | Image credit: Twitter

The hailstorm occurred in municipal Montemorelos in the state of Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Last Updated: May 20, 2020, 12:48 PM IST

Even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to fuel rumours and superstitions, a hailstorm raining ice shaped like the coronavirus has left citizens of a Mexican municipality in utter shock.

The hailstorm occurred in municipal Montemorelos in the state of Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Images shared on social media show large hailstones that were round with icy spikes, with a likeness to the COVID-19 virus.

According to a reports, the incident was interpreted by locals as an “act of God”.

Ominous as it sounds this is not the first time that someone has shared images of “coronavirus-shaped” hailstones. Such images have been pouring in from across the world on social media.

According to meteorology experts, it was a pretty common sight in hailstorms.

“During very strong storms when the hailstone are already quite big and smash together, many of them fuse together, smashing together and squashing each other, forming spikes of ice”, meteorologist Jose Miguel Vinas was quoted by The Mirror as saying.

The spikey shape of the hailstone is caused by the swirling ice smashing into other bits of swirling ice. Whether it’s a divine message or not is yet to be ascertained. But with rising COVID-19 cases in Mexico, if it keeps people indoors, it works.

Mexico has a total of 54,346 cases of COVID-19 with the last 24 hours seeing its largest spike with 2713 cases in a single day.


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