Desi Dad Worrying about Pets Extra Than His Youngsters in Covid-19 is Warming Hearts on Twitter

India continues to struggle with the new, more infectious wave of the pandemic, which recorded a new global high for daily coronavirus cases for a fifth straight day at over 3.5 lakh cases. While cities across the country run out of hospital beds andpeople are grappling to get medical oxygen and other crucial medications, there are some who are equally or more worried about the well being of their pets than their kin.

A Twitter user shared how her father was worried about the virus’ exposure to his beloved pets, instead of his own children. We all agree pets do form an integral part of our families and at times favouritism comes into play every now and then, prioritising pets over their kids. And that is whyher funny take on the subject seems relevant.

Dad telling me he’s worried about exposure/infection because then who’ll take care of his kids. I point out to him that we’re all adults and he doesn’t have to worry about us. He corrects me saying he meant his three dogs and a coop full of chickens.— Meenu (@_meen_curry) April 25, 2021

In a series of tweets, the Twitter user (@_meen_curry) shared pictures of her dad’s favourite pets which include his three dogs and a coop full of chickens. Along the photo, she wrote that her dad was telling the girl that he is“worried about exposure/infection” about his “kids” and “who’ll take care” of them. To this, the girl assured him by saying that the kids, which she assumed to be her and the siblings,are all adults and can manage themselves. To this, the father corrected her by saying that kids meant his pets and not human children.

In a following tweet,she said her dad has “got a point” as she shared another seven-second video clip which shows “new chicks in the house”. Another clip showstwo dogs on a garden bench looking “pampered”.

Several users expressed similar sentiments and stories about their parents or themselves worrying about plants and pets.

One user wrote that his father’s first question after undergoing a by-pass surgery was if his “plants were watered”.

The first thing my dad asked me after his by-pass surgery was if I had watered his plants. (26 pots on the terrace)— Shashank (@callmeshawshank) April 25, 2021

Another wrote that her parents are lamenting over “who will take look after the kids (dogs)” if the family fell sick.

A third remarked a similar reaction as his mother asked “who’s gonna take my kids for a walk”.

I said the same thing to mom, tbh. Who’s gonna take my kids for a walk? — Pranaya Sharma (@RealOneUnit) April 26, 2021

tbh i relate to uncle, one of the reasons I wanna live is my 2 cats— VegBiryaniIsValid (@itsnotpulao) April 25, 2021

Another user recalled his uncle’s statement who said his two cats are the reason he lives for.

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