Delhi Physician ‘Mummifies’ Himself in PPE Equipment earlier than Covid-19 Responsibility in Viral Video

Video grab of Aheed Khan donning PPE Kit.
(Image credit: Instagram/ @a.h.e.e.d

Social media have often been flooded with health workers showing the difficulty in wearing those PPE suits for hours.
Last Updated: August 19, 2020, 4:43 PM IST

Health workers and doctors, often dubbed as frontline warriors, have been leading the battle against the global coronavirus pandemic in those otherwise suffocating hazmat suits.

Social media has often been flooded with these health workers showing the difficulty in wearing those PPE suits for hours on end and in another such viral video, a doctor is seeing ‘mummifying’ himself before he starts his day by attending to patients.

The time-lapse video shows, Aheed Khan, a Delhi-based doctor, donning his PPE kit and applying tapes over them to not leave any gaps. At first, he puts on his mask and tapes them from all side, following the second layer of a surgical mask. Then he also tapes his headgear, pulls up his suit till his mouth and seals them too. He wears his gloves and does the same to them and at the end, wears his face shield.

Taking to Instagram, Aheed said, “The worst make-up tutorial ever: Just had an idea to record myself while donning. Donning the hazmat suit and PPE is a carefully designed, really cumbersome procedure which usually takes 20 to 30 minutes. The process is more or less mummifying yourself in plastic and tapes before you see COVID patients.”

He further said, “If you don’t feel suffocated just by watching this, then what are you even doing.”

Wearing safety equipment is necessary for frontline workers to protect themselves from the infection, but it also makes their job difficult. They sweat a lot because of it.

Recently, another video surfaced on social media showing sweat gushing out of the hazmat suit of a health worker in China. The clip showed as soon as she lifted her trouser, buckets of sweat splashed out from inside of the protective gear. It even created a small pool of water on the floor.

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