Covidiot With out a Facemask Yells ‘Coronavirus Is not Actual’ at Grocery store, Will get Thrown Out

Man thrown out from store for shouting ‘coronavirus isn’t real.’ Credits: Reddit

The viral video shows an unmasked man shouting ‘coronavirus isn’t real’ inside a supermarket. He then goes on to say the shoppers ‘idiots’ for wearing masks.
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Last Updated: August 12, 2020, 1:20 PM IST

The world is six months deep into the global pandemic.

Even though lockdowns are gradually being relaxed, people are still being advised to stay indoors.

Those who are stepping out are being strictly told to adhere to all precautionary measures like wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.

But covidiots are still flouting the rules. A video hared on Reddit shows a man in a shop, who yells ‘coronavirus isn’t real’. The person isn’t wearing a mask.

After this, the man starts calling the other shoppers in the market ‘idiots’ as they are wearing the mask.

Throughout the video, one can hear how he is screaming and hurling abuses at people. Eventually, a group of men try to calm him down. When he refuses to budge, a person lifts him and takes him out of the store. Even after he goes out, he punches a pile of crates.

Most Redditors have condemned the man’s behaviour. A person also went on to say how the people at his home are forced to suffer because of him. The user said, “Imagine the hell they have to put up with at home. As much as they should be wearing masks, I imagine he’s super toxic and as sad as it is, I can understand why they wouldn’t be if he’s treating strangers like this. Not saying it’s right, but I get it.”

Another one said, “Only a complete moron would think that a global phenomenon is somehow a liberal US conspiracy…It reminds me of how people, like that guy, mention “the” constitution as if no other country has one of their own…I feel like we’re long overdue for a new shorthand moniker for referring to citizens of the US. They say ‘American’ like they’re the only ones on the continent.”

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