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Couple Married for Virtually 60 Years Dies 10 Days Aside After Contracting Coronavirus


In a heart-breaking incident, an elderly couple based out of USA’s Chicago lost their lives to the deadly coronavirus. Mike Bruno and Carol Bruno adhered to all precautionary measures that were advised by health organisations. The only thing that went wrong was that Carol went out for a haircut to her son’s residence.

According to a report published in the CNN, the couple died 10 days apart. The duo was married for almost 60 years. Their son Joseph Bruno told the portal that he wants the case of his parents to be considered as an example. He is of the opinion that everyone should know that anybody can contract the virus. Joseph revealed that it was only a single mistake that took his parents’ lives.

Describing the series of events, he mentioned that Carol had visited him and his sister who works at the salon as she was supposed to give their mom a haircut. As a precautionary measure, the sister had taken the coronavirus test. The report was negative yet she ensured that she quarantines herself for a couple of days. Even though the children were seeing their mother after a really long time, they ensured that no hugs were exchanged. In fact, they also made it a point to wear masks at all times. As a further precautionary measure, the son had also ensured that the windows of the house are opened.

What led to the incident was the fact that a day after Carol visited Joseph’s apartment in late November, his sister started developing symptoms of Covid-19. Soon after, he himself and his mother began to feel unwell. Things escalated quickly as Carol had to be admitted to the hospital on Thanksgiving Day. However, after a few days, she was discharged as her condition improved. Unfortunately, the mother had to be put on a ventilator just after two days of being discharged. Furthermore, at the same time, Mike too fell sick. He too had by then developed symptoms of the fatal virus and as a result was admitted in the hospital.

What followed next was nothing less than a major heartbreak. Mike was put on the ventilator and the very next day, his wife passed away. Exactly nine days after his wife’s death, he too left the world.

Meanwhile, Coronavirus has claimed the lives of lakhs of people across the globe. Various health related organisations, including the World Health Organisation have advised people to frequently wash or sanitise hands and wear face masks without fail when they step out of their house. Many countries had also imposed a lockdown to curb the spread of the virus. People across the world till date are being advised to avoid any kind of public gathering so that they can save themselves from the novel coronavirus.


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