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Corona hits majorly in India with its second wave

Corona out broke in the year 2019 on 31st of December when china confirmed the WHO of certain cases of pneumonia relating to unknown causes in the Wuhan city. Subsequently this disease travelled long globally to different locations and is still creating havoc across the world.

Few months back, with the invention of vaccine there arose certain relaxation that everything is under control and now life might be expected to get into normal track way. But suddenly there was some hike in effectives again sooner with identification of new mutant strains from Brazil and UK. This later extended to African strain as well and is now again creating pathway to begin a new pandemic situation sooner. With every day report on hike in the number of sufferers of corona virus, India is getting into global identification.

Here comes some of the news and highlights being the centre of attraction now:-

Delhi CM kejriwal announces weekend curfew and the spas, gyms and malls to remain shut with no  dine and just home delivery from restaurants

The chief minister of Delhi, Arvind kejriwal  has announced that the weekend curfew is going to curve up sooner to reduce the number of cases and casualties sooner and even there will be lock down imposed to the spas, restaurants fine dine system, movies and malls. Apart from that, the central board of secondary education has ruled out its 10th examination with planning for rescheduling the days looking forward to the pandemic situations.

  • Karnataka(( Bengaluru) records the highest on the day spike in the covid-19 cases:-

The chief minister of state, BS Yediyurappa has led the state government to rule out the lockdown in Karnataka. But with the firm increase in the restrictions “after the elections”. This is with reference to the by polls in basavakalyan, maski and belgavi. Today the capital city and all across Karnataka has recorded the highest ever single day spike of the Covid 19 cases breaching its last year records of pandemic and its rising concerns of rapidly deteriorating health crisis in the southern states.  Total infections recorded are around 11,625 within last 24 hours on Tuesday. So looking forward with the previous records, it has recorded the highest over 10,913 cases as on 9th of October which is considered as the peak of the pandemic in the state of Karnataka.  Earlier it was a bit under control, but now its rise occurred rapidly with reporting the highest ever single day spike of 8,155 new infections and 23 fatalities. The total number of active cases in Karnataka is counted around 85,840 and 63,167 in Bengaluru. This is being confirmed as news with daily health bulletin. This is growing as a serious concern with the positivity rate getting closer to 10% across the state and is rising as a serious concern for people.  As per CM, there is imposition of night curfew and even government has cracked down individual offenders for now wearing masks or maintaining social distance. The Karnataka government has given a free hand to the political parties for the election campaigning to carry on the unhindered process.

Remdesivir is not the only life saver in Corona

As of reports from Doctors, it’s said that, ramdesivir is not the drug responsible to save life from Corona. Instead it’s the mixture of oxygen therapy, vitamin supplements and the steroids with blood thinners that have been helping the patients to recover faster. The state task force made it clear with the existence of remdesivir and is even working hard for better results in future. As the drug became quite prescribed by the doctors and medicos, people started developing an impression of its being an anti viral to save life. But later the critical care experts Prasad Rajhans of Deenanath Mangeshkar hospital said that patients and families must not impose pressure on the doctors to use the remdesivir.

But it’s the oxygen therapy, vitamins, steroids and the low molecular weight heparin or the blood thinners. When these are used in an appropriate dosage under proper medical supervision and at appropriate stage is surely going to make great way to recovery rate. Most important above all it, people must not panic over the shortage of the medicine and must keep patience and reliability of doctors.

As per information from Parikshit Prayag “remdesivir is only going to shorten the duration of illness in selected patients. Some of these can be people with early hypoxia or low blood oxygen saturation or high grade fever with low respiratory involvement. This can be marked as a patient life saving under certain circumstances but not always.

Maharashtra CM asks central government to consider Covid-19 as a natural calamity

Maharashtra CM, Uddhav Thackeray has written letter to the center for considering COVID 19 pandemic as a natural calamity. This stands for the reason to use the state disaster response fund or the SDRF to provide with financial assistance to affected people. It’s being requested by the CM to help the people who have been affected with their earnings in the state and need legal provision for that. On Wednesday, the government of Maharashtra has reported around 58, 952 fresh cases of corona. In view to the alarming rise in the cases, the state government has announced strict measures for 15 days which enforces at 8 pm on Wednesday and would remain into operation till 7 am of 1st may.

Khumbh mela turning to be the new segment for COVID rise in the country

Recently kumbh mela in Uttar Pradesh has turned to be curse full with providing a growth in the covid casualties’ rate. Looking to such situation, the government of Uttar Pradesh has imposed weekend curfew as well as curfew in the night time across Ghaziabad, noida and other 8 towns. Recently Ghaziabad hospital has registered with a rise in the number of casualties and is expected to grow more in number. The reason sorted out for this is the kumbh mela which is noted to be the new super spreader.

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