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College students Might Face Suspension for Faux Coughing in UK Faculty Amid Coronavirus Scare

As schools prepare to open across the globe, strict social distancing guidelines are to be implemented along with behavioural rules that must strictly be adhered to.

One such school in the UK has warned parents that students will be suspended if they did not abide by these rules that included “fake coughing”, reports the Daily Mail.

In one of the most punitive behavioural policies, the school in East Sussex has mentioned few ‘coronavirus red lines’ where it warned people against a fixed-term exclusion if they maliciously cough or sneeze at any point, make inappropriate statements around coronavirus, or purposeful physical contact with any person among others.

Students have also been instructed to use specific lavatories and they must have their lunch or tiffin at their respective desks.

The school will also get their own disposable yet recyclable plastic cups, so that students don’t have to carry their own bottles. These cups will be used once and then disposed, in order to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

Students in many schools might have to appear in the full PPE kit and they have been suggested to wash their clothes daily.

Many children will also have to spend all day in their own classrooms and avoid mixing with other groups, that will help in keeping the virus at bay.

“Should a student decide not to respect these, this will be treated as a very serious disciplinary matter,” said a school’s authority adding that around the country, pupils will slowly have to get used to different such rules to further fight the pandemic.

The UK Department of Education has released a set of guidelines as “all pupils, in all year groups, will return to school full-time from the beginning of the autumn term.”

“This guidance is intended to support schools, both mainstream and alternative provision, to prepare for this. It applies to primary, secondary (including sixth forms), infant, junior, middle, upper, school-based nurseries and boarding schools,” said the government.

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