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Chinese language Band Releases ‘Wuhan2020’ Music Video to Commemorate Metropolis’s Struggle Towards Covid-19


‘Virus in Wuhan. We all survived’, sings the lead singer of synth-rock band Hardcore Raver in Tears with desolated guitar music in an attempt to pay tribute to the people’s sufferings and struggles with the ongoing pandemic.

WUHAN2020 is the title track of the album dedicated to the resilient battle with global pandemic, and how the citizens came out of the difficult lockdown. Wuhan, in China was once the epicentre of the Coronavirus pandemic, and after being put under one of the strictest lockdowns in the world, Wuhan’s streets are alive back again.

In the video posted by South China Morning Post (SCMP) News on Twitter on December 7, the band’s lead singer in a wild hairdo, Lu Yan sings about the Wuhan’s people sufferings under the 76-day lockdown in the city.

Lu, while talking to Mint, says that the message behind the song is the great sacrifice Wuhan’s people made for the entire nation and the world. Almost a year ago, Wuhan reported its first case of Covid-19 before the virus spread globally. As a heartfelt tribute, Wuhan’s artists are dedicating their work like music, comics, graffiti to pay homage to the city and its people’s sufferings because of the stringent lockdown and how they overcame it all as streets and life is back to normal again.

The pandemic themed album by Hardcore Raver in Tears was written by bandmates when they were all isolated and separated during the lockdown.

The 3-minute long video has garnered more than 6,800 views, and also features various graffiti artists paying homage to the Chinese whistle-blower ophthalmologist, Dr Li Wenliang who used to work at Wuhan Central Hospital. The doctor was the very first who had raised a warning about the deadly virus, but later he succumbed to Covid-19 while working at the hospital. Dr Wenliang was one of the several doctors who tried to warn about the disease, but authorities told them to keep quiet.

One of the graffiti artists featured on the music video is Huang Bowen, a 22-year-old self-taught painter, who covered the entire city with pandemic-themed graffiti and paid respect to Dr Li.

The rock band told SCMP News that the album is “very different from their usual style” and that “during its creation, our members were very traumatized psychologically.” He also clarified that the lyrics inspired from “stress and cabin fever” were not to ask questions but to talk about what people of Wuhan went through as well as to express the feelings of Hardcore Raver in Tears band.


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