Chennai Scientist Believes There’s a Hyperlink Between Photo voltaic Eclipse and Coronavirus Outbreak

In a bizarre claim, a scientist based in Chennai has said that there are connections between the coronavirus outbreak and the solar eclipse which took place on December 26.

Dr. KL Sundar Krishna, a Nuclear and Earth scientist told ANI that the pandemic may have been a result of mutated particle interaction of the first neutron emitted after the solar eclipse owing to fission energy. He said that there is a “planetary configuration with new alignment in the solar system” which occurred after the solar eclipse. And that is even the coronavirus outbreak happened, according to Krishna.

Krishna has even deduced a possible theory of how the virus originated. He told ANI that the virus has come from the upper atmosphere where “inter-planetary force variation” took place. The said neutrons then began nucleating which further resulted in bio-nuclear interactions in the upper atmosphere. This bio-nuclear interaction, according to him, may be a source of the virus.

Krishna also suggested that the mutation he blames the outbreak on happened in China first and the upcoming solar eclipse may change things. He says there is no reason to panic for this is a natural process and the upcoming solar eclipse may render the virus inactive. He also says that sunlight and emission from the solar eclipse would be the natural remedies for the pandemic.

However, the only connection between Coronavirus and the sun that we have found so far is in the name.

The word corona means crown.

Time Magazine, in its explanation, wrote, “The scientists who in 1968 came up with the term coronavirus thought that, under a microscope, the virus they were looking at resembled a solar corona: the bright crown-like ring of gasses surrounding the sun that is visible during a solar eclipse. (The beer brand Corona, incidentally, based its logo on the crown atop the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Puerto Vallarta.)”

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