Canadian Pilot Takes Distinctive Route, Attracts Syringe in Sky to Specific Covid-19 Vaccine Love

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic continues to take its toll and is becoming like a bottomless pit that sees no end near. However, a few vaccines already rolled out for mass inoculations by several governments worldwide is giving us some hope and cheer to look forward to, after what’s been an unforgettable year.

In the midst of vaccine trials, lockdowns and curfews issued by government administrations, people are finding creative ways to thank the frontline workers, medical experts who are placing themselves at risk to fight the virus. Some are also trying their best to spread a smile and much-needed hope by expressing gratitude towards essential service providers.

Now, a Canadian pilot’s unique drawing in the sky is sure to affirm our hope that the virus can be defeated. According to a tweet shared by FlightRadar 24, the unnamed pilot drew a huge heart and a syringe – yes, you read it right – in the sky near the world-famous Niagara Falls in Canada.

See it here:

The Swedish internet-based service that shares real-time commercial aircraft flight tracking shared a photo of the flight’s path on the microblogging site. It is now doing rounds of social media.

The photo shows the aircraft commencing its flight from the Niagara Central Dorothy Rungeling Airport and then taking to the skies to draw a heart and a syringe over the area. According to the flight information shared by FlightRadar24, the aircraft used for this artwork is Van’s RV-4 with a registration code of CFOUU.

Several users took to the comments section to express their thoughts. One user compared the pilot’s effort to that of a Hollywood movie Pulp Fiction for taking up the aerial task.

Another user appreciated the pilot’s gesture.

“Take me too pls,” wrote a third.

The pilot’s sky painting adventure isn’t the first as many before him have taken to the skies to express their thoughts over social issues. According to an Indian Express report, a pilot from Nova Scotia in Canada expressed his support for the anti-racism protests that erupted in the US last year by drawing out a raised fist.

The pilot identified as Dimitri Neonakis flew 330 nautical mile pattern on June 4, 2020, to resemble the raised, clenched fist logo associated with the Black Lives Matters protests in his neighbouring country. The fist gesture is a long-standing symbol of unity and resistance among minorities.

Neaonakis exploits in the skies were shared by another flight tracking website service on Twitter.

The pilot also shared images of his flight path on Facebook and wrote that it is ‘For George’.

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