Canadian Lady Comforting Delhi Man Who Misplaced Cherished Ones to Covid-19 Wins Hearts

As the coronavirus pandemic keeps snatching away lives every single day, the loss of loved ones have weighed down on people and their mental well-being seems to be hanging by a thread. In the midst of it all, a Canadian woman’s empathetic post talking about a Delhi-based man’s tragic situation has gone viral. The woman, one Sarah Bezanson took to Linkedin to post about a conversation she had from a man residing in New Delhi’s office of her company because she needed help for a tech support isssue.

Starting off on her post, Sarah wrote, “I had to call for some tech support yesterday. While we waited for a diagnostic program to load, the gentleman on the phone made some small talk. Asked me where I was.”

Sarah, who is a senior manager based in Toronto, said that she answered his question and asked the same. “His voice caught, New Delhi, he said softly.” she wrote.

Sarah then paused for a minute before asking how he was doing, to which she said the man broke down on the call. “I’m so sorry. It’s really bad here. I’ve lost someone every day for 10 days,” the employee from Delhi told her.

Sraah said in that moment, all she wanted to do was to provide some comfort to the man and so asked him to forget about the issue she had called him up for. Sarah said she told the man ‘that he had nothing to be sorry for. That we could talk if he needed to or just leave the line open in silence so he could take a break from the phones and hold space for his grief.’

“We stayed on for almost an hour, just being humans.” she wrote.

Sarah, while ending her post also asked people to be empathetic and patient while speaking to someone on a toll free line or when jumping into a chat. “There’s a person on the other end and they may be valiantly showing up and doing their best while they are living through absolute hell,” she wrote.

Sarah’s post went viral on Twitter as well where people commented on how beautiful her gesture was.

Empathy is everything! Kudos to Sarah— ASAP (@aniketsapre) May 10, 2021

Thank you for sharing. It’s real and heartbreaking. The person who gave me my second dose responded to my how are you by saying I wonder why I am alive. I sat with her longer pretending that i needed it. Small gestures.— Tibetan Moon☯️ (Chandra) (@chand2308) May 10, 2021

I have a similar experience when I contacted Norton customer service and it turned out she was in India and also affected. I do hope international companies with staff in India are supporting them and not holding them to the usual KPI s— Pritam (@pritamghosh60) May 10, 2021

New Delhi registered 12,481 Covid-19 cases and 347 deaths over the last 24 hours, the positivity rate has dropped from 19 per cent to 17.7 per cent.

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