Cameroon Pastor Dies of Coronavirus Days after Claiming to Have Healed with Prayers

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He was finally buried in front of his residence by Covid-19 response workers.

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Last Updated: May 24, 2020, 10:30 AM IST

A pastor in Cameroon who had claimed to have cured coronavirus with prayers has succumbed to the deadly disease.

Frankline Ndifor Afanwi, a candidate in the last presidential elections in the central African country, died last week in the city of Douala. His friend and leader of the PURS party Serge Espoir Matomba announced the news on Facebook.

Ndifor was known as “prophet” among his followers. Even after his death his followers were praying for his resurrection and several local TV and radio channels broadcasted their prayers. The police had to use force to gain access to his residence after they were chased away by the followers who had claimed that the pastor was on a spiritual retreat with God and hence he should not be buried.

He was finally buried in front of his residence by Covid-19 response workers.

Ndifor’s death has created panic among his followers. Rigobert Che, one of his followers, told Voice of America that the pastor had prayed for him and several dozen people diagnosed with the novel coronavirus a week ago.

“This is a pastor that has been laying hands on the sick and claiming that he cures COVID-19. If the person who claims to be curing COVID-19 is dead, what about those who were infected,” Rigobert was quoted as saying.

Ndifor died within a week of being diagnosed with COVID-19. He had complained of respiratory difficulties, the report added.

Cameroon has so far reported close to 4,000 coronavirus cases and over 140 deaths. Earlier this month, the country had eased the Covid-19 restrictions and asked people to protect themselves by maintaining social distancing and washing their hands regularly.,Pastor,Dies,of,Coronavirus,Days,after,Claiming,to,Have,Healed,with,Prayers,africa,cameroon,&publish_min=2020-05-22T11:12:06.000Z&publish_max=2020-05-24T11:12:06.000Z&sort_by=date-relevance&order_by=0&limit=2

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