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Best ways to help children and infants stay safe and get well treated in second wave of corona

It has been a year since we are fighting against corona. But the second wave of corona is predicted as one of the most infectious and dangerous stage among all. The stage is quite affective to kids, infants and adolescents. Even there are huge numbers of cases where kids aged more than 10 years and even between 1-8 years are getting affected with mild to higher symptoms. Looking to the reports from health experts, last year the affected percentage of children was 1% but this year its 1.2%. But presently there is no such government data to support the covid-19 report among children.

Biggest factor to get worried is, there is no vaccine for kids yet. Even though clinical research companies have already started with clinical trials for its production. India is still under trail to come up with best treatment protocol for children.

The most important factor that can be considered to keep kids and small children away from such infection is not just sending them outside but to follow some better ways to keep their immunity strong.

Best ways to stay immunized:-

There are some of the best ways sorted by the medicos to keep kids and children protected in the pandemic situations. It’s most important to stay in home and keep kids and children out from strangers. We must always try to keep them strong with their immune system. These can be done with following some of the best tips like:-

  1. Provide kids with enough sleep:-

Not just the kids, even adults need to take proper nap. This is one of the most important factors which would toll your immunity. During the night sleep, the body gets serious activation to help kill the pathogens. During sleeping the body repairs the cells and most important ones are the brain cells.

  1. Try to dedicate at least some time for your kids and help them with good practices;-

Being parents, it’s our duty that we help our kids learn good practices to stay away from covid infections. Some of these that stand more important are like help your kids with maintaining personal hygiene and help them with being served fresh and warm food. They must be given daily dose of immune boosters to stay immunized and should be maximum prevented from outer exposure.

  1. Super food:-

May it be elders or kids, food is a priority for both. Even for corona and other viruses super foods are like proper preventive. It must be taken to consideration that kids and adult should take super foods and foods rich in vitamin C, E, D and A. Along with that proper dose of zinc and selenium is must. These super foods or the antioxidant neutralizes free radical damages in the body and even cool down inflammation with repairing damaged cells and DNA. Always consider a diversified diet rich in antioxidants.

  1. Exercises:-

Staying fit and healthy is one of the most important factor which helps with increasing immunity.  For the reason adults are needed to perform regular exercises that would help them stay fit and healthy as well as strong enough to avoid any kind of serious infection.

  1. Adding fibre to diet:-

Immunity lies in our gut region as gut bacteria helps with developing and making immunity stronger. So it’s important to keep these bacteria happy. So fiber intake is must which is loved by these bacteria.

Why the second wave is more actively affecting kids and adults:-

As of expert’s advice, the double mutant corona virus variant is a cocktail of strains that have higher tendency of infecting children. The children getting infected from members of family gets outside and is maintaining a proper manner of covid-19 infection with spreading it further. This double mutant variant has the power to escape immunity. This further captures the body system, and escapes our immunity protection. For the reason, children are contracting the more of infection. So it’s must that we take necessary precautions to stay and avoid outside moving as much as possible. With reports from various sources, it’s found that affected individuals under 30 years can be placed to around 32- 35% when it’s a comparison to the previous infection.

Second wave symptoms found in kids:-

It’s not like the first wave, the only symptom to be limited to respiratory system. Rather it extends to more. But some common symptoms that are observed in children includes high fever, chills, shortness of breath, cough, loss of smell, sore throat, myalgias and even mucocutaneous inflammatory signs and symptoms. Apart from that in the second wave, kids are showing gastrointestinal symptoms like loss of appetite, vomiting as well as diarrhea.

Experts also say that, the second wave of corona is going to bring on pancreatic diseases and decompensated liver diseases in future. Even in children at early detection symptoms like fast breathing, lethargy and seizures are also monitored.

Why the gastro intestinal disorder:-

The novel corona virus uses ACE2 as the viral receptor for entering the GI Tract. This is highly expressed in the glandular cells of the gastric, duodenal and rectal epithelia which support the entry of corona virus into the host cell.

Even studies have identified that the presence of SARS-CoV -2 in stool samples. These have evaluated nasopharyngeal and rectal issues with enhancement of ACE 2 expression in cholangiocytes and damage to liver cells.

What should be done when the child tests positive?

With an expert advice, it’s said that any children showing mild symptom must be home quarantined for 14 days. If mild symptoms are noted and oxygen saturation is greater than 94 % then supportive care is taken/ other than that adequate hydration and proper nutrition with paracetamol is must. With tests, if it’s noted that CRP and ferritin levels are elevated, then the children must be consider for getting admitted into hospital.

It’s must that we take proper care of our kids as they need to become strong in future. So to avoid corona and keep your kids strong to help them cure the problem. It’s important that you follow the above steps.



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