BAYKA Electrical Kettle, 1.7L Tea Kettle with LED Indicator, Cordless Scorching Water Glass Kettle for Espresso, Tea, Drinks That includes Auto Shut-Off & Boil-Dry Safety

Price: $25.49
(as of Dec 24,2020 16:44:39 UTC – Details)

Product Description


With the pace of life increasing day by day, one rarely has the pleasure of enjoying or even having leisure time. Any task that can be simplified is a blessing. With the Bayka Kettle, those morning oatmeal gorges and French Press races, those midday hot coco and ramen, as well as a cup of warm apple cider can easily be brought to hand without the hassle of traditional gas kettles. Use less time doing, and more time being. Use less time rushing the moment, and more time enjoying the moment. Let the Bayka Electric Glass Kettle help you cut down these tasks, and get back to living.

Ideal for helping you get away from the mess of making breakfast.


Product Specifications:

Rated power: 1500W, 120V AC 60Hz

Dimensions: 230*145*260mm

Rated Voltage: 110-120 V

Max capacity: 1.7L

About BAYKA:

BAYKA is a brand that focuses on household items. Our goal is to provide products of the highest quality to meet the needs of our customers. Life gets better when we get together.

Bayka electric tea kettle utilizes the newest 1500W water circling heating technology. It heats water in record time and is thus the perfect solution for families or individuals who need to use hot water frequently.


1. Never immerse the kettle, power cord and power base in water.

2. Keep the kettle dry if you don’t need to use it for a long time.

3. Always ensure the lid is closed and do not open it while the water is boiling. Scalding may occur if the lid is open in the process of boiling water.








Long-term use of tap water to boil water and long-term water accumulation in the pot will accumulate scale spots. Please regularly clean the kettle with vinegar, baking soda, or lemon slices and keep the body inside dry if you don’t use it for a long time.

A Healthy Choice Made Easy- BAYKA electric kettle made with scratch resistant borosilicate glass. Unlike other kettles, the inner lid and base are made of food-grade 304 stainless steel. This provides the freshest and safest water. Plus, our handle is made of 100% BPA Free and Heat-Resistant materials.
Always Put Safety First- Our kettle features British STRIX thermostat technology which includes auto shut-off within 30s after the water is fully boiling. The kettle also features a boil-dry safety feature where it turns off if it detects there is no water inside. Compared to the stove-top kettles, BAYKA electric kettle is safer. In fact, you can focus on your job while the water is boiling. We hope your family can always stay away from the fire.
Focus on saving your time- Speed up your morning routine, and get that coffee made faster. Our electric kettle can eliminate your worries. 1500 watts of power quickly boils water for tea, pour-over coffee and hot cocoa quicker than a microwave or stove top.
Focus on decorating your home- Beautifully crafted from heat resistant glass with the blue light around the rim, it’s both stylish and functional. When the kettle is in the process of boiling water, the Blue LED Indicator lights up. This will bring you the visual enjoyment of beauty.
Focus on your convenience—This kettle has a wide mouth. The jug’s up to 4’3 inches for an easy fill in. Also, compares to bulky microwave or stove top kettles with small mouth, you can easy access to clean deposits or rust away.

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