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Actor Compares Covid-19 Job Loss to His Life Post #MeToo

Kevin Spacey has been accused in multiple cases of sexual harassment by other actors when they were minors | Image credit: YouTube

Spacey said that he could relate to the impact coronavirus had on people’s lives thanks to his own experience of sudden unemployment after sexual harassment allegations.
Last Updated: May 8, 2020, 3:51 PM IST

While millions across the world suffer due to the COVID-19 pandemic, discredited actor Kevin Spacey released a ten-minute-long on YouTube highlight compare his own unemployment to the impact thatthe pandemic is having on the world.

Speaking at a virtual session of the annual German business conference ‘Bits and Pretzels’, Spacey said he can “related” to people who were “suddenly” told to stop going to work and carrying oun with their daily lives due to the pandemic with his own experience of overnight jobloss in 2017.

Yes, that’s right. Spacey, who has been out of work since 2017 after multiple accusations of sexual harassment or misconduct by fellow actors and industry professionals during the #MeToo movement, compared the backlash he experienced with the stress of lockdown.

“My world completely changed in the fall of 2017. My job, many of my relationships, my standing in my own industry were all gone in just a matter of hours,” Spacey said.

The Academy Award-winning actor added that he could “relate to what it feels like to have your world suddenly stop”.

“I do have empathy for what it feels like to suddenly be told that you can’t go back to work, or that you might lose your job, and it’s a situation you have absolutely no control over,” Spacey said.

“And so while we may have found ourselves in similar situations albeit for very different reasons and circumstances, I still feel that some of the emotional struggles are very much the same,” he added in a wistful tone.

While the world is having a tough time fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and related issues such as unemployment, shortage of food and essential supplies, isolations and stress, Spacey felt it was the same as him losing his job and social standing as punishment for alleged abuse.

Spacey, who has won two Oscars for best acting for films like The Usual Suspects and American Beauty, lost his lead role in the hit Netflix series “House of Cards” as well as a bunch of other gigs following the allegations.

The video drew sharp reactions on social media with many pointing out that Spacey’s “unemployment” post #MeToo was not the same as the forced lockdown due to COVID-19 that has impacted millions of livelihoods across the world and cost thousands of lives.

As a journalist wrote, some people “always mistake being accountable for their actions as hardship”. Many others shared similar reactions on social media.

These fools always mistake being accountable for their actions with hardship

— Kerith Burke (@KerithBurke) May 6, 2020

It’s not easy being a rich white male.

— Ms. Hotzelova (@hotzelova) May 6, 2020

Nobody cares Kevin

— Jude Gutierrez (@JudeGutierrez9) May 6, 2020

Never have I wished for a small meteorite to hit a very specific spot before.

— Kwertzy Fulla Turkey (@kwertzy) May 7, 2020

Just in case you ever wondered whether Kevin Spacey was a complete, clinical, narcissist.

— Julie Dole🇺🇸🇨🇦🌎 (@JewelDole) May 7, 2020

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