Acid Neutralizing Chemical Spill Equipment with Bucket – Consists of PPE

Price: $245.00
(as of Aug 26,2020 03:37:49 UTC – Details)

Safely respond to corrosive spills with this specially equipped spill kit containing neutralizing absorbents and PPE.

All absorbents in this specially-designed kit neutralize acid spills
Acid Neutralizing Socks stop spreading spills; Acid Neutralizing Mats, Pillows and Loose soak up puddled liquid; Acid Neutralizing Wipers finish cleanup
Color changes as liquids are taken in, then returns to normal when neutralization is complete; helps identify the best time to handle with the least amount of risk
Gelling agents solidify acids during neutralization; prevents them from leaching
Sealed kit for easy management of contents
Lightweight, 100% polyethylene container resists chemicals
Container’s molded-in handles make it easy to carry

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