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4 of the Best Places to Visit in Cartagena

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Old Town Cartagena is one of the city’s most intriguing areas. It’s surrounded by a stone wall that was built hundreds of years ago to keep pirates out of Cartagena! It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with unique sights around every cobblestone alley. What had been it precisely this city that attracted me in? For starters, there’s history around every corner.

The vibrant colors, sights, and sounds will entice you, and the friendly locals will only add to the experience. Whether it was learning how to salsa dance at a local hangout or having the BEST (no kidding!) ceviche I’ve ever tasted, I definitely left a piece of my heart in this city.

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Best Places to Visit in Cartagena:

1. Old city walking tour  

In reality, most tourists begin their visit in the city’s historic quarter. A guided walking tour is one of the greatest tours in Cartagena and our favorite way to explore the city’s old walled quarter. 

This manner, you can appreciate the region’s cultural diversity and history. I’ve taken the free walking tour, and it’s an excellent option if you’re on a tight budget and don’t mind a larger group tour that’s less personalized. Having said that, it is a fantastic introduction to the Old Town, and you will learn a lot. This tour takes three hours to complete.

2. Castillo de San Felipe

Another must-see while seeing Cartagena Old Town is the Castillo de San Felipe, which rests atop the Hill of San Lazaro and is about 500 years old! It is to be the Spanish’s greatest fortification. You can tour the fortress and its tunnels on your own or with the help of a guide for about 20,000 COP ($4 USD). 

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The guides are available at the Castillo’s gate and do not require advance booking. I try to hire a guide at most historical sites I visit since I learn so much from them and they can show me portions of these sites that I wouldn’t see otherwise.

3. ATV tour  

Get outside the city boundaries on a tour where you may appreciate the surroundings while also having an experience! This ATV tour takes you along a track where you can see beautiful cliffs, rock formations, and three distinct beaches.

Driving on the beaches at high speeds is a lot of fun! You may also get some delicious fresh fish along the beach. The 2.5-hour tour takes place rain or shine – what’s ATVing without a little mud?! The tour costs $135 USD and includes everything you need, from instruction to a helmet and water if you’ve never ridden an ATV before. Check Copa Airline Tickets Booking at Low airfare.

4.  La Cevicheria 

Would you think I lived in Peru, called “the capital of Ceviche,” for two months before coming to Cartagena? Nonetheless, the finest ceviche I’ve ever had was at La Cevicheria in Cartagena! This café on Calle Stuart is most known for its delectable ceviche! If you’re not familiar with ceviche, it’s a meal created from raw fresh fish that has been cured in lemon juice. African slaves in Colombia and Peru devised it. 

The Colombian and Peruvian versions are identical, but the Colombian version has coconut, which I adore! It’s so well known that on weekends, you can have to endure waiting for a table for several hours. But, fortunately for us, we visited about 3 p.m. and managed to quickly grab a table. 

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