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1 * Thermal Imaging Camera

1 * User Manual

1 * Convenient leather bag

1 * USB adapter

Provide a Protection bag for carrying and improving work efficiency.

HT-301 thermal imager(384*288)

Thermal Imager Camera for Android Phones

The IR camera has an ability to “see” heat this way creates an entirely new level of awareness for professionals and consumers, it is much different with a traditional inspection. In buildings and mechanical systems, this includes water penetration, heat or cooling loss, blockages or leaks in plumbing systems, malfunctioning mechanical systems (motors, bearings, belts, heat pumps, etc.), overloaded or lose electrical circuits, and building diagnostic issues.

Experience a world you have never seen before with the HT-301 thermal Imager camera for smartphone. Take HT-301 and go on an adventure or exploration the limits of its uses are your imagination.


Thermal Imager Camera for Android

Can connect Android phones and Android tablets.

Large screen display, real-time high-definition imaging.

Real-time display of multi-point temperature (center temperature, Min temperature and Max temperature)


No need to charge the thermal imager.

No batteries requirement, As long as the mobile phone has power,

it can be used at any time and can work for a long time

without worrying about the power of the camera.


6 Color Palette

HT-301 provides six types of color palette:

Rainbow,Iron oxide red, Iron gray,Rainbow_HC,

White heat and Black heat.


Visible light and thermal imaging

Visible light function:

See the visible light picture in the thermal imaging picture,

so as to compare and help you complete your work more quickly.





Menu Settings







Thermography settings

Versatile settings(Correction,Reflectopm,Amb temp,Humidity,Emissivity,Distance)

Palette select

According to the current environment, choose an color palette that suits you.

Other function settings

Temperature unit switching, optional temperature measurement range, visible light, language selection.








Can be used to quickly find and inspect pipe leaks, as well as water pipes that are laid under the floor or plasterboard. The HT-301 can easily detect the true heat of the pipe radiated through the surface.


Electrical faults are one of the most common faults in buildings. In most cases, these electrical problems are invisible to the naked eye, but the use of HT-301 can immediately see hot spots on infrared images.

Animal hunting

The HT-301 is also high definition for long distance imaging, which can help you catch animals quickly in the dark.

HT 301 Mobile Phone Thermal Imager

Detector type

Uncooled infrared focal plane detection

Infrared image resolution




Temperature measurement accuracy

±2°C or ±2%

Temperature range

-20 ° C ~ 400 ° C

Frame rate


Interface Type

Type-C Tnterface

Supported systems

Android 6.0 above

Cell spacing


Working Wavelength Range

8 – 14μm

Advanced Infrared Technology – This camera thermal imaging gets a more in-depth image by utilizing infrared photos or videos in real time that let you measure energy loss, surrounding heat, electrical hot spots, and much more.
Smartphone App Support – Our handheld thermal camera system is compatible with any Android operating system and connects to your cellphone via a quick access USB port for plug and play convenience that’s perfect for personal or professional use.
Quick Adjust Focus – Each thermal imagine camera features a high IR resolution of 384 x 288 and lets you easily adjust the focus for improved clarity and visual consistency when viewing different objects or environments.
Capture Images or video in Real Time with 25 HZ – Hti-Xintai handheld thermal cameras let you take pictures or videos with true accuracy. In fact, it’s the sharpest mobile thermal imaging possible for personal grade use.
Innovative Temperature Analysis – This camera thermal imager uses point, linear, and regional temperature measurements to help you determine low, high, and core temperatures within self-defined points as a standard. WARRANTY: We offer hassle-free after-sale services: 60-Day money back guarantee, 24 month warranty, Lifetime technical supports. We won’t let our customer waste their money.