You are currently viewing 1337x Proxy List: New Websites in April 202

1337x Proxy List: New Websites in April 202

1337x Proxy List: New Websites in April 202

1337x is the most popular torrent site in the world, but it’s blocked in many countries. That’s why we created this list of 1337x proxies and mirrors. They let you access 1337x when it’s blocked, or if you want to use a different server for more privacy or faster speeds.

1337x Proxy

1337x is a site that allows you to download torrents and magnet links using a torrent client like uTorrent or BitTorrent. It is one of the most popular websites for downloading torrents and has been around for quite some time now.

With 1337x Proxy, you can unblock this website from anywhere in the world without any restrictions. You just need to configure your browser settings and then enter our proxy server address which we have provided here below:


Popular 1337x Alternatives

If you’re looking for an alternative to 1337x, here are some of the most popular torrenting sites that have been around for years.

  • Pirate Bay ( – This is one of the oldest and largest file-sharing websites on the Internet, but it’s blocked in many countries due to copyright infringement.
  • The Pirate Bay has raid multiple times by police forces from different countries like Sweden and Norway, who seized servers and computers containing illegal content.
  • they never shut down completely! The site continues to operate today through its own domain name as well as proxy sites that allow users access despite being blocked in their respective regions/countries..

Is 1337x Safe?

1337x is a torrent indexing site. It doesn’t host any torrents, and it is not a tracker.

it is a search engine or client; this site only has the list of what people are uploading and downloading on other sites.

This site is not a mirror either: if you want to access content from 1337 x, then you need to have an active internet connection.

It also does not act as an offshore proxy for ThePirateBay or any other website that blocks your access due to geo-restrictions in place by various governments across the globe (e.g., Malaysia).

About 1337x Proxy and Mirror Sites

1337x is a torrent site, which makes it similar to sites like The Pirate Bay and Torrentz.

1337x is one of the best sites for finding content that you can download for free.

However, the site has block in many countries due to legal issues and censorship.

To unblock 1337x from your location or if it’s ban in your country.

you can use a proxy or mirror site instead of accessing it directly from the original URL.

Best 1337x Proxy Sites List

To unblock 1337 x, you need to find the best 1337 x proxy.

This article will provide you with the top list of 1337 x mirror and proxy sites that will help you access this site from anywhere in the world.

In case, if you are looking for other torrenting sites that work like 1337x then check out our comprehensive list of alternative torrenting sites available in 2019 or 2020.

These are the best working torrent sites in April, 2022.

1337x is a torrent website that acts as a search engine, meta-search engine, indexer and tracker.

It has many legal uses but it also hosts links to copyrighted content.

This can be up to date with the latest uploads from other sites on the web including The Pirate Bay (TPB).

its status as an indexer some people may find themselves in violation of their ISP’s terms of service if they don’t use a VPN or proxy to protect themselves from copyright trolls and other snoops who want them prosecuted for their activities online.


In conclusion, you should have learned a lot about 1337 x and its current status in the torrent community.

We hope that this article has helped you find new sources of entertainment and information.


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