100 Pack of Disposable LDPE Boot Covers XL dimension. Clear Shoe Protectors. Low Denstity Polyethylene Boot Covers. Poly Shoe Overlaying for House Homeowners. Heavy-Responsibility, Waterproof, Safety for Footwear.

Price: $26.49
(as of Jul 21,2020 05:13:19 UTC – Details)

High Quality Disposable Boot Covers offer extra dirt, grime protection.

Clear Shoe Covers

These budget shoe protectors are made of from low-density polyethylene (LDPE) material. They provide an effective barrier to protect your shoes, your floors, your carpets, and your sterile environments. Disposable boot covers will save your time and money from preventable cleaning expenses.

Garment intended for use by agrifood sector and industrial workers. They are anti-static and suitable for use in clean room conditions. The boot cover ensures hygiene and protection from minor risks. Can be used at home, daycare, construction projects and many more!

Come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with product you’ll receive your money back!

PREMIUM QUALITY: Pack of 100 Disposable boot covers are the most economical and effective solution to keep your shoes dry and protected. Clear covers are suitable for all kinds of shoes. One size fits all. Made from a low-density chlorinated polyethylene fabric with an anti-slip, coating on the sole our boot covers resist tearing and rupturing. Elastic ankle band provides snug and comfortable fit around shoes. Easy-on and easy-off, breathable and lightweight.
HEAVY-DUTY: Thicker than normal non-conductive garments are made of low density polyethylene to repel water, snow, or mud. The boot cover material is thickened and toughened, so it’s hard to tear or rip easily. Water-resistant poly material prevents the penetration of water to some degree. The shoe covering is designed specifically to protect against dirt and grime. Excellent fluid resistance. First-line barrier.
SECURE FIT: Disposable shoe covers provide secure fit. Excellent protection in hazardous and non-hazardous dry-dust environments.
DISPOSABLE & RECYCABLE: These boot covers are intended for one-time use. LDPE material is odorless. Its special structure makes it possess various superior physical and chemical performances. Non-hazardous protection. 100% Recyclable.
WIDELY USED: Disposable shoe covering is perfect for multiple purposes. Scope of its application: apply to food, health care, cleaning, science laboratories and so on. There are hundreds of creative uses for this investment, such as painting, food processing, home showings, construction work, facilitating plumbers, electricians, car mechanics, gardening, agricultural, travel luggage, production studios etc. Protective booties are ideal to keep your floors, cars and carpets unsoiled.

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