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10 Best Sova Lineups In Lotus In Valorant

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In Valorant, check out these helpful spots.

Sova is one of the best Early Game Initiators in Valorant, and he can do well on almost all of the maps. The agent isn’t Lotus’s top choice, but he can still do a good job if you have a lot of different teams ready to surprise your opponents.

Learning lineups for how to use his Reveal correctly can basically give your team much-needed knowledge. Still, looking for them and learning them could take a while, and you would have to practice them for hours in unique games. This part will make it easier by giving you a list of some of the best ones you can learn.

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B Site Reveal (Attack)

a-screenshot-of-the-b-main-reveal-attack.jpg (740×370)

If your team wants to stick with the B Site during the attack, this Reveal lineup will be very helpful. It might not look like this is easy to learn, but you can practice for five or ten minutes to get the hang of it.

To begin, you need to stand on top of the first box in front of where the attackers will appear and stick to the wall. After that, line up the Owl Drone icon like it’s shown in the picture and the dart by one bar. This will show you the Site.

B Site Retake Reveal (Defense)

a-screenshot-of-the-b-site-retake-reveal-defense-1.jpg (740×370)

This set from B Upper, the B Site Retake Reveal, is simple but works well. This would show you where all of your enemies are on the Site. You would only have to worry about the enemies facing A Main and A Link.

To do this, you can take a small peek from B Upper and let go of the dart when it’s fully charged to finish the easy lineup. But be careful—going a little wider could leave you open to attack from B Main, and a player keeping your angle could easily kill you.

A Site Tree Reveal (Attack)

a-screenshot-of-the-a-tree-reveal-attack.jpg (740×370)

Defensive players often sit in the Tree, so knowing a Reveal for that area could help your team a lot when they want to use the A site. If an opponent is playing in a certain area, your friends can use this to open the door and swing.

Look over to the right of A Rubble and put your crosshair on the greenish design on the wall across from you to learn the A Site Tree Reveal. After that, the dart can be fully charged and used with two bounces.

A Main Reveal (Defense)

a-screenshot-of-the-a-main-reveal-defense.jpg (740×370)

In Valorant, this is the most basic A Main Reveal for the Lotus map. You can use it as soon as the round starts to get your team ready for an enemies’ possible A execute. Your partner can spam through the revolving door and even get a kill if any enemies appear close to it.

To start the round, move a little to the right of the wall in front of you and show your full charge. Most of the time, your opponents won’t be able to get this, but after a few rounds, you should switch things up because they might expect you to use it.

A Tree Retake Reveal (Defense)

a-screenshot-of-a-retake-reveal-defense.jpg (740×370)

It can be hard to retake A after a plant, and your team needs to carefully clear the angles to do it. You could really use the A Retake Reveal in a pinch because it would tell you where your opponents are on the Site.

Get stuck at the left wall’s beginning and place your crosshair between the leaf patches to do this. The tricky part would be to jump first and then let go of the dart with a single tap, leaving it with no real charge.

A Main Reveal (Attack)

a-screenshot-of-a-main-reveal-attack.jpg (740×370)

On defense, a lot of people play strongly on A Site and try to push A Main at the start of the round in Happy Wheels. So, knowing this A Main Reveal could help you figure out where the people are who are ready to take the lead.

Stay to the left of the round-start fence and aim at the bottom of the structure that looks like a leaf to line up the dart. To make sure you hit the target with the charge, you must do a two-bar. Anything less or more than that will cause you to miss.

C Site Reveal (Attack)

a-screenshot-of-the-c-site-reveal-attack.jpg (740×370)

As your team gets ready to rush the C Site, you need to know the C Site secret so you can get important information about the enemies who are there. The fewer views you have to check, the better. Learn a lineup for it.

In comparison to the others, this Reveal is pretty easy. You just need to go to the corner of the boxes on C Main. Then, move the crosshair to the door, as shown in the picture above. Finally, do the lineup by charging all the way up and bouncing twice.

C Main Reveal (Defense)

a-screenshot-of-the-c-main-reveal-defense-2.jpg (740×370)

Doing an early C Main Reveal could help you figure out if the enemy is near the C Site. If you want to do the same thing, you can use the easy lineup, and if not, you can learn the other running version.

Position yourself near the round-start barrier and look to the left until you see the pixels of the leaves on the screen. This is the easier and more usual answer. After making sure your crosshair is in the right place, you can let go of the dart fully charged.

C Backsite Reveal (Attack)

a-screenshot-of-the-c-backsite-reveal-attack.jpg (740×370)

Aside from the C Site Reveal, you can also learn the C Backsite Reveal to find out if there are any opponents in the back of the site area. That is a very hard area to clear, and this Reveal will let your partners know what they will have to deal with.

The starting point for this line-up is similar to the one for C Site. You need to move forward a bit until you reach the wall on the other side. After that, you can use the dart with just one bounce when it is fully charged.

C Site Retake Reveal (Defense)

a-screenshot-of-the-c-site-reveal-defense.jpg (740×370)

This great Reveal will help your team if you are coming to the C Site for a Retake from the Waterfall side. Then, you and your friends can use the flashes to try to take back control of the Site and stop the Spike.

Stay close to the wall and move slightly to the left until you see the water pouring down while you try to do this. Once the crosshair is in the right place, do a two-bounce full-charge release to see where your opponents are on the Site.


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